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Our service advantage

Normzl Garment is one of the Famous Sportswear Manufacturer and design Company in China. We offer competitive pricing & Premium Quality for Sports apparel: Yoga wear/Sublimation Printing /Compression /sportswear /team wear/dance wear and other basics.
A large selection of products and colors can be chosen.Our company is growing every year in the industry, driven to assist wholesalers and Brand start ups with comfortable basics that feel and fit well for their market.
 We have much experience with OEM for private labels. The most common items we regularly produce for special order is Activewear of yoga wear , Gym wear, Gymnatic wear, Cheerleading wear . Factories are Wrap Certified and proper QC has been set in place for reliable service and quicker lead time.

1. To provide cost effective methods to meet price and quality for products.
2. To create a win-win atmosphere through B2B trade and communication.
3. To serve domestic and international buyers with fast and reliable service.
4. To Diversify our products for seasonal trends.

We value integrity, respect, quality, balance and open-mindedness.



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